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Top 20 Most Edible Wedding Favors

Posted by New Hope Soap

Oct 28, 2014 11:52:00 AM

edible wedding favors for your diy wedding your guests will loveTrying to find the perfect wedding favor is not always an easy task.  You want to choose something that shows your guests your appreciation. However, you are concerned that what you choose will just get tossed in a drawer or in the trash after the wedding.  To put an end to those concerns, consider giving edible favors.  Here are the top 20 most popular wedding favor ideas that are edible. 

  1. Cookies: There are many different things that you can do when it comes to cookies.  Consider packaging a mix of the bride's and groom's favorite cookies.  Attach the recipes to the package for an extra special touch.   Fortune cookies are always a hit too.  Gourmet cookies shaped as wedding cakes, doves, or other wedding symbols are popular choices among brides.   For a fun twist, consider serving milk boxes to go with the cookies. 

  2. Chocolates: Chocolates are always a popular choice.  From personalized M&M's and wrapped chocolate bars, to Hershey kisses, you can not go wrong with chocolate.   Many chocolate companies offer a selection of pre-made chocolate wedding favors that you may want to consider.
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20 Wedding Favors Your Guests Won't Toss

Posted by New Hope Soap

Oct 22, 2014 11:58:37 AM

wedding_favors wedding favors your guests won't toss wedding planning advice from New Hope SoapWedding favors are a way of thanking your guests for participating in your special day. They are meant to communicate your appreciation for guests that traveled, guests that had to take the day off of work, or guests that hired a babysitter to be able to witness your moment. They are also the most lasting impression that a guest has of your event, as it's a piece of the wedding that goes home with them. 

Unfortunately, most wedding favors find their way into the trash bin only a matter of days later. This is not only a waste of money for you, but also gives your guests a pang of guilt as they toss that silly plastic diamond ring or mini photo of the bride and groom into the trash. How do you avoid this? By giving your guests a unique gift that they will actually want! Here's a look at the top 20 most popular wedding favor ideas.

A Rose By Any Other Name... 

If you're interested in saving a bit of extra money, purchase potted rose bushes and attach cute little tags with your guests names written on them. Bunch them in the center of the table to double them up as centerpieces and your guests can take them home at the end of the evening. 

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Etsy The Best Thing that Could Happen to Your Wedding Planning Efforts

Posted by New Hope Soap

Jun 27, 2014 12:01:00 PM

wedding_-Summer-Wedding - wedding planning, wedding planners, EtsyHave you discovered Etsy yet! Originally started as a site to sell handmade arts and crafts items, it has grown to be so much more! Now Etsy is an online  shopping destination that is home to everything from best friend bracelets and infinity scarves to antique tea cups and colorful hobo bags, Etsy appears to have everything and anything you could ever want, while still staying true to its origins, lots of handcrafted products for sale by the artisans who so lovingly and artfully practice their crafts.

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Planning Your Own Wedding? Feeling Overwhelmed? Here's Some Helpful Resources

Posted by New Hope Soap

Jun 15, 2014 2:02:00 PM

Resources that could make your wedding planning less stressful and more productive!

wedding planning adviceAh, weddings!  Love and romance fills the air while dreams of a future together occupy the heart and mind.  The wedding plans themselves, however; can frustrate and sap the energy of even the most excited bride-to-be.  To keep you from biting your nails over the plethora of decisions that must be made, take a look at these wedding planning resources created for helping a bride plan her own wedding.

Staying within your budget is important

This should be the first thing to consider.  From choosing the venue to bridesmaid’s gifts, before you know it, you’ve over-spent your wedding allowance.  See Bridal GuideThe Simple Dollar, and The Knot, for budget-friendly advice.

Organizee your ideas

To keep your ideas together, especially if you are playing around with more than one theme idea, a wedding journal comes in handy.  Zazzle offers an array of notebooks just for the occasion that range in price from $5 to $50 with a variety of subject and design options.  Of course, if you’re a super-organizer, any pad of paper will do.  For the computer savvy, there are web sites that offer online planning software to organize your thoughts and ideas.  The Knot offers iPhone apps such as a planning checklist, wedding budgeter, and guest list manager, as well as personalized wedding websites to help organize details and showcase your ideas to family and friends.

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49 More Fun Wedding Favor Ideas

Posted by New Hope Soap

Jun 13, 2014 10:29:00 AM

49 fun wedding favor ideasAlmost anything can be used as a wedding favor, as long as it's heart-shaped, or you tie a cute saying to it, or label it with "Mr. and Mrs. John Smith, August 2014," or whatever you want to say about your wedding day. Here are 100 wacky and fun wedding favor ideas that people have actually used! Check out this Pinterest Pin Board.

Wedding Favors - Hygiene

  1. Nail files
  2. Chap stick
  3. Sunscreen
  4. Lotion
  5. Wet wipes
  6. Hand soap
  7. Shaped soap
  8. Hand sanitizer
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51 Fun Wedding Favor Ideas

Posted by Paul Wackell

Jun 4, 2014 10:11:34 AM

wedding_favorsAlmost anything can be used as a wedding favor, as long as it's heart-shaped, or you tie a cute saying to it, or label it with "Mr. and Mrs. John Smith, August 2014," or whatever you want to say about your wedding day. Here are 51 wacky and fun wedding favor ideas that people have actually used! Check out this Pinterest Pin Board with examples of all 51 wedding favor ideas!

Wedding Favor Ideas - Food

  1. Mints
  2. Cookies
  3. Candy
  4. Honey jars
  5. Tea bags
  6. Goodie Bags
  7. Fortune cookie
  8. Mini M&M tubes
  9. Cocktail mix
  10. Hot chocolate mix, lemonade mix, cider mix, etc.
  11. Gum
  12. Bottles of olive oil, barbecue sauce, vinegar, maple syrup, etc. maple syrup

Wedding Favor Ideas - Decor

  1. Asian fan
  2. Votive candle in fun shapes
  3. Electric candle
  4. Magnets
  5. Candle holders
  6. Tree ornaments
  7. Photo frame

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