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49 More Fun Wedding Favor Ideas

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Jun 13, 2014 10:29:00 AM

49 fun wedding favor ideasAlmost anything can be used as a wedding favor, as long as it's heart-shaped, or you tie a cute saying to it, or label it with "Mr. and Mrs. John Smith, August 2014," or whatever you want to say about your wedding day. Here are 100 wacky and fun wedding favor ideas that people have actually used! Check out this Pinterest Pin Board.

Wedding Favors - Hygiene

  1. Nail files
  2. Chap stick
  3. Sunscreen
  4. Lotion
  5. Wet wipes
  6. Hand soap
  7. Shaped soap
  8. Hand sanitizer

Wedding Favors - Academic

  1. Post-its
  2. Notepads
  4. Letter openers

Wedding Favors - Nature

  1. Mini flower pots
  2. Seeds
  3. Flowers
  4. Plant starts
  5. Seashells
  6. Goldfish

Wedding Favors - Toys and Stuff for Kids

  1. Legos
  2. Frisbee
  3. Mini gumball machine
  4. Mini wooden sailboat
  5. Mini cowboy hats
  6. Mini bales of hay
  7. Mini measuring tape
  8. Army men
  9. Rubber ducky
  10. Golf balls
  11. Piano keys
  12. Golf pin tees
  13. Snow globes
  14. Bubbles
  15. Bell
  16. Poker chips
  17. Playing cards
  18. Fake diamond rings
  19. Marbles

Wedding Favors - Things You Could Actually Use

  1. Match boxes
  2. Clothes pins
  3. Buttons
  4. Compact mirrors
  5. Key chains
  6. CD of wedding songs
  7. Personalized letter stamps
  8. Tote bags
  9. Luggage tag
  10. Stamps with ink pads
  11. Guitar picks
  12. Ribbon

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