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Planning Your Own Wedding? Feeling Overwhelmed? Here's Some Helpful Resources

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Jun 15, 2014 2:02:00 PM

Resources that could make your wedding planning less stressful and more productive!

wedding planning adviceAh, weddings!  Love and romance fills the air while dreams of a future together occupy the heart and mind.  The wedding plans themselves, however; can frustrate and sap the energy of even the most excited bride-to-be.  To keep you from biting your nails over the plethora of decisions that must be made, take a look at these wedding planning resources created for helping a bride plan her own wedding.

Staying within your budget is important

This should be the first thing to consider.  From choosing the venue to bridesmaid’s gifts, before you know it, you’ve over-spent your wedding allowance.  See Bridal GuideThe Simple Dollar, and The Knot, for budget-friendly advice.

Organizee your ideas

To keep your ideas together, especially if you are playing around with more than one theme idea, a wedding journal comes in handy.  Zazzle offers an array of notebooks just for the occasion that range in price from $5 to $50 with a variety of subject and design options.  Of course, if you’re a super-organizer, any pad of paper will do.  For the computer savvy, there are web sites that offer online planning software to organize your thoughts and ideas.  The Knot offers iPhone apps such as a planning checklist, wedding budgeter, and guest list manager, as well as personalized wedding websites to help organize details and showcase your ideas to family and friends.

Once you pick your theme

Knowing your theme is a first step toward checking off that long to-do list.  According to The Knot a rustic and natural look, “with sophisticated, glam accents,” branchy, green centerpieces filled with “lush flowers and a pop of sparkle,” are popular.  Beach themes, garden parties, and even fantasy fairyland themes are popular for outdoor settings as well.  Hop on over to Wedding Ideas for a bounty of advice to get you started.  During your search for themes, Pinterest should not be overlooked.  It’s great for the eclectic who likes to mix and match.

Beyond the theme

Once you know your theme, choosing the proper food, décor, clothing and accessories should be simpler.  One helpful way to make your choices is to visit multiple sites for the same theme.  No two weddings are alike, and you will be sure to find more suggestions than you need to mix and match for your own unique style.

Comparison shopping resources

While most of the sites you visit offer products to go with their ideas, be sure to do some comparison shopping. PricegrabberBizrate, Price and Etsy are just a few places to find the best value for your money.  If you’re a brick and mortar shopper, search Google for a list of stores in your area.

Whatever your budget, whatever your style, being prepared is your best step toward planning a hassle-free wedding that you and your guests can enjoy.

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Download our free Do it Yourself Wedding Planning Guide

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