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The Top 15 Must Follow Blogs for the Groom

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Oct 22, 2014 11:40:00 AM

15 blogs for the groom - wedding planning adviceWe are usually under the impression that the wedding day is, well, basically all about the bride.  However, not every groom just wants the responsibility of showing up on their wedding day.  Grooms want to be a part of the planning and even handle some of the wedding responsibility on their own.  With that in mind, here are the top 15 must follow blogs for the groom to follow.

  1. Well-Groomed: Well-Groomed was started, in 2010, because the creators were under the assumption that men wanted more than the task of just showing up on their wedding day.  This blog is all about style, wedding planning advice, and even wedding DIYs for the guys.
  2. The Groom's List:  This blog is for the guy who wants a checklist of their responsibilities and an explanation to go with them.   This is a great place to go for all the men involved in the wedding.  There is plenty of advice for the fathers involved as well as the groomsmen and ushers.
  3. Trendy Groom Wedding Blog:  This blog was created by a full time wedding photographer.    This is the place to go for the groom who needs some inspiration.  This blog provides ideas and tips on how the groom can equally contribute to the wedding, thus making it a truly special day for both the bride and the groom to enjoy.
  4. The Well Groomed Groom:  This is the place to go for the groom who is a little bit modern with a classic style.  The blog covers everything from the best shaving kits to how to tie the perfect tie.  If you are a groom who loves style, this would be a good blog to add to your list. 
  5. Wedding Bros:  Compared to some of the other blogs, this is a fairly new one on the block.  However, it is a no fuss blog written for the groom and other men involved in the wedding.  The blog has videos, a how to section, and a lot of information from lawyers, wedding planners and other professional people.  The blog gives advice on proposals, the wedding itself, as well as what comes after the wedding.
  6. Grooms Advice:  Grooms advice is a great place to get some solid, useful advice.  They cover everything from how to pick the perfect tux, to proposals, to anything else that a groom who is actively planning a wedding would need to know.
  7. I Am Staggered:  This is another great blog from the male point of view.  This blog begins with advice on everything before the wedding and ends with advice about everything after the wedding.  This blog is all about going that extra mile to please your future wife.
  8. Ruffled Blog: This blog has excellent tips for the groom and the bride.  The endless DIY projects are a great source for unique little touches to add to your wedding. 
  9. A Practical Wedding:  This is a great blog for anyone who is a part of planning a wedding.  There is a ton of advice on all things wedding. The emphasis of the blog is placed on not going broke or insane while trying to plan the most important day of your life. 
  10. Junebug weddings:  They say a picture is worth a 1000 words.  This top wedding photography blog will give the groom plenty of inspiration.   Not only are the pictures great to look at, the blog is full of ideas and tips.
  11. Men's Wedding Rings: If you have not decided on your wedding ring yet, this blog is well worth your time.  In this blog, you will find plenty of advice on the topic of  men wedding rings. 
  12. Bride's Guide:  I know it says bride and not groom, however this blog comes from the editors of Martha Stewart weddings, and they know weddings.  They bring in the best in the business to offer advice and tips on how to have the wedding of your dreams.  This blog will offer guidance to whomever is involved in the wedding planning. 
  13. Phoenix Bride & Groom:  This blog has a section devoted specifically to the groom.  However, that is not all they have to offer.  They offer a large variety of tips and advice on everything relating to the wedding. 
  14. Fly Away Bride:  This blog is dedicated to the couple who are planning a destination wedding.  It is filled with tips and inspiration as well as some of the best places to hold your wedding. 
  15. Style Me Pretty:  This is one of the top blogs for brides and most likely your bride to be is following it.  This alone is a good reason for you to follow it too.  The blog is all about showing couples how anyone can have a stylish wedding.  The DIYs are easy to do but are classy in nature.  There is something for everyone on this blog.

There is no doubt that there is not much out there for grooms who are interested in taking an active role in planning their wedding.  However, that should not be a stopping block.  Embrace the day.  After all, it is your wedding too.  For more wedding information, check our blog often and for any questions or comments, please contact us.

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