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Work it Out. Top 15 Fitness Websites for Women

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Jan 1, 2015 11:31:57 AM

womens-fitness-1 ftness websites for womenThe new year is around the corner and, maybe, you are hoping to make 2015 the year you work more fitness into your life and routine. But, it's difficult on your own! Here are the top 15 fitness websites for women to help you get started and make healthy choices in 2015.

  1. POPSUGAR Fitness: Dedicated to everything related to health, fitness, and nutrition. They offer tips for beating stress, losing weight, eating healthy, and keeping a good routine.
  2. Fit-Bottomed Girls: The founders of fit-bottomed girls understand that fit comes in all shapes in sizes. Since they're interested in health and fitness for everyone, they understand that it's about more than just losing weight. Their offering of workout videos, classes, and weekly newsletter are sure to get you off to a great 2015.
  3. Blisstree: This site combines snarky humor and informative tips to bring you the latest news in beauty, health, fitness, and eating well. 
  4. womens-fitness-2 top 15 fitness websites for womenTheKitchn: One of the most important parts of bringing fitness into your life is learning to make your meals at home more often. This site is here with recipes, classes, product reviews, and more to help you get used to working in the kitchen this year.
  5. The Great Fitness Experiment: With a new fitness trend appearing every other moment, it's difficult to know what works and what doesn't without trying them all. Thankfully, someone has already done it for you! Charlotte Andersen spent an entire year trying out, and documenting, every single fitness trend she could find and turned it into this blog.
  6. BodyRock.TV: This compendium of fitness videos has taken over the fitness world with their collection of equipment-free high intensity interval training work outs. This free site has over 600 videos and uses only professional fitness models, unlike YouTube and many other sites.
  7. Girls Gone Strong: The site founders Neghar Fanooni, Molly Galbraith, and Alli McKee are have created a place to celebrate the strength of women, inner strength and outer strength. They're on a mission to become the authorities on women's fitness and remind us all we have strength within us.
  8. Mind Body Green: Aside from their countless fitness tips, this site offers articles on healthy eating, good relationships, and mental health to round out your 2015 fitness routine and help you be your best self.
  9. Thrive with Jen Sinkler: Another woman promoting overall strength by bringing you fitness advice, as well as tips for healthy eating and general well-being.
  10. Muscle and Fitness Hers: A well-rounded site offering work out videos, fitness advice, and information on weight-lifting for women; as well as nutrition and recipes.
  11. Women's Health Magazine: For years Women's Health has been a respected fitness and wellness magazine specifically for women. Now their great articles are available online.
  12. Healthy Women: This site is here to bring you through every stage of life from pregnancy to pregnancy, to midlife, and more. And their goal is to do it while promoting a healthy lifestyle and a dedication to fitness.
  13. Women Fitness has 4 fitness programs to choose from with personalized fitness plans, meal plans, fitness tools, and motivational material. They act as a personal trainer and nutritionist without having to pay tons of money at a gym. 
  14. fitbie: Their collection of fitness advice and work out guides specifically geared towards women help you find the drive to work harder and become healthier.
  15. Fletcher Fitness: Started CrossFit guru Dawn Fletcher to get you the results you want through excellent coaching, comprehensive work outs, and useful fitness advice.

Whether you already have a great exercise routine or you're looking forward to starting one, these sites are sure to get your blood pumping. For more information on health, beauty, and fitness, contact us.

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