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5 Tips to Finding The Perfect Wedding Dress on a Budget

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Sep 9, 2014 10:52:00 AM

The wedding dress is usually the one item that takes a huge bite out of the wedding budget, but it does not need to. A bride may have more options to affording the perfect wedding dress than she realizes. 

suggestions for finding a wedding dress on a budget1. Something Old  Something Borrowed

As a young girl, did you dream of getting married in your mother's or grandmother's wedding dress?  Money could not buy the sentimental value in wearing a dress that has been handed down through the family.

2. Shops

Take the time to shop around.  Consignment shops are a great place to look for wedding dresses.   Also, do not be afraid to ask the owner to contact you when a wedding dress does come into their shop. 

Talk to the owners of your local bridal shops, and ask them what happens to the sample dresses and the dresses on the mannequins.  You may be able to score that designer dress without paying the designer price.

3. Rent A Dress

If you are not planning on keeping your wedding dress for any sentimental reasons, consider renting your dress.  This option may allow you to get that dress you fell in love with in a magazine but could never afford.  There are also many websites that sell previously owned dresses as well.

4. Dress for the Occasion

If your wedding is an informal wedding or being held outside, the dress that you need should match the occasion.   In these cases a lovely cocktail dress, for example, would be a wonderful choice.  The cocktail dress will be more budget friendly than a formal wedding gown. 

5. Not a Wedding Dress

Consider choosing a dress that is not specifically a wedding dress.  The price tag of a dress automatically goes up when the word wedding is attached to it.  

The best thing that a bride can do when searching for her perfect dress is  to get over the fact that it needs to be some expensive, fancy designer dress.  What matters is how the bride feels and looks on her wedding day.  With a little creativity and imagination a bride will be able to find her perfect dress and keep within her budget too. 

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