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Breast Cancer Awareness: An Annual Reminder for All

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Oct 13, 2014 5:48:00 PM

bigstock-Breast-cancer-awareness-ribbon-6814641You know it is October because everywhere you look you see pink. The football players have pink gloves, pink ribbons are on food packaging and pink shirts are worn for fundraising walks. October is breast cancer wareness month.

Let's take advantage of the pink reminders this month to focus on our own health!

It is common for women to spend so much effort worrying about the health and happiness of their loved ones that they don't take the time to take care of themselves. Moms will make sure their children go to every doctor appointment but will fail to schedule their own.

This October call your doctor and schedule your annual screenings. Follow the schedule for mammography that is right for you based on your age and family history. If you have gotten out of the habit of doing self breast exams mark your calendar for the upcoming months so you don't forget in the future.

Although in October the focus is on breast cancer, take this opportunity to make sure you are up to date on another important cancer screening opportunity. If you haven't had a Pap smear within the last year schedule an appointment. Skin cancer is actually more common than breast cancer so be sure to look for changes in moles as well.

According to the American Cancer Society 1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with invasive breast cancer. Therefore it is likely you will have a friend or relative that fights breast cancer and you will wonder how you can be of help in the battle. It can be difficult to figure out what to do. Here are some suggestions of things breast cancer survivors have said they appreciated while they were in the midst of the fight.

    • Provide opportunities to have a break from the cancer and do something fun.
    • As much as possible, maintain your routine of leisure activities even if it requires creativity. If you have a weekly or monthly movie night, rent a movie instead of going to the movies if your loved on isn't up for going out.
    • Offer specific ways of helping instead of just asking if help is needed. For example, ask if dinner is needed or if you can pick up groceries.
    • Send a card letting your loved one know you are thinking of them.
    • Provide a care package that includes favorite treats and snacks. Consider including Breast Cancer Awareness New Hope Soap to provide an encouraging message as well as much needed opportunity to pamper.
    • Celebrate milestones along the way such as a final chemo treatment.

Every time you see pink for Breast Cancer Awareness this month reflect on what you need to do to ensure you remain healthy. It is the most important gift you can provide your loved ones. For additional information about women's health, beauty and life events contact us.

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