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10 Must Skin Care Tips to Help You Look and Feel Radiant at Your Wedding

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Dec 31, 2014 3:10:35 PM

skin-care-tips for your weddingYou have the perfect dress, flowers, venue and of course the perfect groom!  Make sure you also have the perfect skin to go along with it all.  

Here are 10 Must Skin Care Tips to help you look and feel radiant at your wedding.

Ditch Your Washcloth:  Washcloths are too abrasive to use on your face.  They can also harbor a host of undesirable components, such as bacteria and mold.  

Drink Plenty of Water:  Water does wonders for the skin because it flushes away harmful toxins from your body and when toxins are no longer in the body, they don't show up on your skin in the form of red pustules.  Water will also decrease cellulite, tighten and tone your skin.

Eat Healthier:  Avoid fast food and processed foods like the plague and include the following foods into your daily diet for soft, supple skin: carrots, eggs, grass-fed beef, kale, kiwi, mackerel, olive oil, sardines, sunflower seeds and tomatoes.

Exercise:  Exercise improves the blood flow throughout the body, and the increased flow of blood helps nourish the skin's cells.

Get Some Zzzz's:  The body repairs itself when you sleep, renewing your body's skin cells.

Glycolic Acid:  Glycolic acid promotes cell turn over and rids the skin of dead, dull skin cells.

Keep Hands Off:  If you constantly have your hands on your face you make it easier for bacteria and viruses to transfer, which can cause skin infections.

Stop Stressing:  Yes, stress is inevitable (especially when planning a wedding!), but if you have too much stress it can show on your face in the form of wrinkles or a huge breakout.  To decrease the amount of stress in your life, and save face, try aromatherapy or meditation.

Use Facial Masks:  Facial masks are used as a supplement to a daily skin regimen and they help to repair dry, dehydrated, sensitive and oily skin types.

Wear Sunscreen:  Wearing sunscreen can prevent depigmentation, hyper-pigmentation and sunburn.

For more tips on how to beautify your skin for your special day, contact us!

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