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10 MORE Tips to Avoid Holiday Overeating!

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Nov 30, 2014 12:18:30 PM

holiday_overeating_2 10 more tips to avoid holiday overatingStart your new year off right by not allowing yourself to overeat during the holidays. In Part 1 of the 20 tips to avoid holiday overeating, we listed taking a walk, drinking a lot of water, and many other tips. All of these tips can keep you from doing something you regret over the holidays.

11. Leave A Bite on Your Plate- We were all told as children to clean our plates, but leaving at least one bite on your plate will keep you from stuffing yourself.

12. Plan Your Plate- Decide ahead of time what you want to eat and how much. Put small amounts of those foods on your plate so that you aren't filling your plate with everything that looks good.

13. Listen to Your Body- Pay attention to what your body's telling you. You should be able to tell when your body doesn't need to eat anymore.

14. Eat Your Favorites- Your favorite foods will be hard to resist, and you shouldn't have to deprive yourself. Eat small portions of these foods and enjoy them.

15. Take Small Bites- Taking smaller bites of food will help you to eat more slowly, which gives your stomach a chance to digest your food and let you know when you are getting full.

16. Leave the Dinner Table- Walk away from the dinner table when you are done eating. Have everyone sit in the living room, away from the food. You can still socialize without having the temptation of the table of food.

17. Don't Talk With Your Mouth Full- When you are talking and eating at the same time, you will lose track of how much you are eating. Wait for a break in the conversation to take a bite.

18. Use a Smaller Plate- A smaller plate can't fit as much food, and you will feel like you are eating more than you really are.

19. Put Down Your Fork- Put your fork down on your plate in between bites. This will make you eat more slowly.

20. Lose the Guilt- You will be eating more than usual during the holidays, and you should enjoy it. Don't feel bad if you eat more than you had planned. The holidays are a time for having fun and spending time with family, not for feeling guilty.

Let the holidays be a relaxing time for you, and remember what's most important during this season and all year round: family. Use these tips to feel even better about yourself by not overeating, and find enjoyment in every part of the holiday season. Please contact us for more information.

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