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Don’t Pack on the Pounds After Your Dream Wedding!

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Feb 5, 2014 11:05:00 AM

 By Linda Hilliard - Author of the Book
E-mail Your Weight Away - Diet Dialoges for Women

wedding cake - health and fitness tips from New Hope SoapThe wedding’s over, the happy couple is back from their honeymoon. On to marital and domestic bliss and - sigh - gaining weight.

Prior to the wedding, a bride and groom tend to be super conscious of their weight. If they don’t shed a few pounds, at least they try not to gain any extra weight that might make the tux a smidge tight or the dress bulge a bit.

But once the honeymoon is over (in fact even during the honeymoon), the siren call of tasty foods can sometimes have a negative impact on the newlyweds’ scale.

Undermining Factors:

  • One of the biggest challenges of dieting after the wedding is that motivation has waned. Everyone wants to look good for the Big Day, but once a couple settles into domestic life, it’s easy to slip into previously bad eating habits.
  • Couples suddenly becomes homemakers. Whether the husband or the wife is the family cook, it’s natural that the chef makes his or her best recipes for the new spouse.
  • If the husband and wife both have full time jobs and put in long days, eating out or take out foods can be so easy (and so high calorie).
  • Newlyweds who were gym rats before the wedding don’t seem to have as much time for those daily workouts.
  • Evenings that were once filled with the dating scene switch to being “at home” with the television and a bowl of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream.

health and fitness tips from new hope soapOf course not all newlyweds fall off the diet wagon; many persevere and stick to their healthy food plans. And some couples willingly give up the diet fight. That is, until the morning that they get on the scale and see not only a weight gain, but realize that new pair of slacks is too tight.

What’s a couple to do if they don’t want to gain weight? The answer is simple: Be mindful of what’s happening. Just as you faithfully dieted to get ready for the wedding, recognize that your diet commitment needs to carry forward into your marriage. If you have a niggle that your married life food choices are impacting your scale, you should discuss getting back on your diets. You can demonstrate your kitchen prowess just as well with a delicately seasoned chicken breast as you can with duck a la orange.

Even if you’re a couple that doesn’t mind gaining weight, in the bigger scheme of life, you should mind. No couple wants to approach their first anniversary several sizes bigger than their wedding day.

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