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Holiday Eating - Feeding the Family and Not Yourself (Part 3)

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Dec 15, 2013 11:39:19 AM

By Linda Hilliard - Author of the Book
E-mail Your Weight Away - Diet Dialoges for Women

Healty Eating Habits - feeding your family and not yourself - Linda HilliardIt’s tough to be on a diet, see others enjoying (even relishing) their high calorie food, and not get a sense of “poor me.” Get over it! Look at it this way – “poor you” has been overeating for years; that’s why you’re on a diet.

  • Your mind has to stop playing games that you deserve a reward for being a good mother/father, surviving a stressful day, accomplishing something difficult. We all have challenges in life and sometimes we win and sometimes we lose. You do not need to be rewarded for living your life. Sure - congratulations for a job well done and sympathy for setbacks, but move on without food being your prize or consolation.
  • Here’s the core message and this is the toughest part of dieting: Whether you have many mouths to feed or you live alone, to succeed in dieting, you must have the strength to develop your will power. Sadly, for many of us, that will power rises up out of a sense of self loathing. One time - when I weighed 250 pounds - I was on a family outing and I had to bag out of a half mile uphill walk to a tourist sight because I was gasping for breath. I hated myself. You don’t have to weigh 250 pounds to be unhappy with yourself. Even being a few pounds over your ideal weight can impact your self esteem.

You are launching a new diet and you truly want to succeed this time. Yes - you can do it, whether you are cooking for a family of six - or just one. You just need to want it enough - and then, be prepared.

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